February 2024


Following an Ancestral Healing session with a client, we received this message from her ancestors:

We form a chain of people holding each other's hands. When someone lets go of the hand, the entire connection collapses. Then, blockages arise.

February 7, 2024

Picture: Ricardo Moura


Yesterday, while working with a client's ancestors, a text was dictated to me. This is the very first time that a text is dictated to me while working with the ancestors and the client.

We had reached a foremother who had lost her child of about 2 years. While guiding the client in the healing of her foremother, this text was dictated to me.

It is very specific about why mothers losing their fetus, baby, or child at a very young age.

I want to stress that this was transmitted with a lot of love and respect for all mothers who have had a miscarriage or lost a child.

December 9, 2022


The most important quality we acquire during the Ancestral Healing sessions

Those who have already participated in Ancestral Healing sessions with me know that I find this work captivating for several reasons.

Firstly, I work with both people and the souls of those who have passed on, who are still close to us. I facilitate healing for both the living and the deceased.

Secondly, every family history is unique, making it always interesting to listen to each story and offer healing where needed, if the ancestor requests it.

March 16, 2023


64% of Belgians are financially vulnerable

I know I'm treading on sensitive ground by writing about "money." Especially in the spiritual realm. But whether we like it or not, money still plays a role in our society. You wake up every morning to go to work to receive your salary at the end of the month.

According to a recent study 64% of Belgians are financially vulnerable in 2023!

Some people seem to attract money and know how to handle it in a balanced way (12% of the population).
Most people always seem to be short of money.
Others attract money but lose it just as quickly as it comes.
And then there are those who always seem to have to start over.

This is the case with my client.


Sooner or later we are all confronted with the loss of a loved one (human and animal). This is inevitable. It is part of life.

When people come to me as a result of a death, miscarriage or abortion, I advise them to place an altar in their house.

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