When you do not know where you are coming from

You cannot know where you are going

- Marleen Crabbé -


In every family, there are beliefs or emotional pains that are passed down from generation to generation. This continues until someone is ready to acknowledge and heal them.

We are fortunate to live in this time and society, where there are professionals such as psychologists, therapists, healers, and shamans who can offer help and guidance. Our ancestors were not as lucky; their main priority was ensuring survival for themselves and their families, leaving little time to address their own emotional pains.

With Ancestral Healing, you can identify the pain or obstacle that is preventing you from making progress in your life. Here are a few examples of common and uncommon ancestral causes, though each family has its own unique history, including yours.



A few examples

  you have a lot of anger in you, but you don't know where it comes from

  you often experience feelings of sadness, but cannot explain the reason for these emotions

  there is a problem of alcoholism, and/or addiction in your family

  you have got difficult family relationships

  you repeatedly sabotage yourself

  you are afraid of either earning too little or too much money

  you are a victim of incest 



What you can expect

  a new dynamic is created in your life, your family

  new doors open for you

  recurring patterns are broken

  you get the opportunity to create a better life for yourself

  you feel vital and powerful

  you can perform better at work and you get more satisfaction out of it

  you feel relieved and relaxed




When: by appointment

Location: via video call

Clothing: loose-fitting clothing



I look forward to meeting you soon and walking a bit with you, no matter how bumpy and difficult it may be.

And… although you can't see it now, don't forget: after the rain comes the sunshine. Always.


Save yourself and your children from

the recurring patterns in your life and in your family



Can't live up to your appointment? Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance.





In my family, there was a big disagreement without any past quarrels. However, there was a noticeable rift and communication ceased. I sought help from Marleen. We started by doing a forgiveness meditation. Then, I did further research on my parents and grandparents and found that the disagreement was a pattern passed down from generation to generation. Marleen and I decided to reach out to our ancestors and bring healing where necessary. The experience was intense and beautiful. Since then, the issues in my family have been resolved and the atmosphere has improved, and relationships between family members are becoming better. What has this brought me personally?Now, I have found love. I have met a new and wonderful partner after having experienced unhealthy relationships in the past. My mother has finally accepted the fact that I am gay and that I am happy.Because of all these positive changes, I highly recommend the Ancestral Healing sessions. These sessions are incredibly important and powerful! (Benjamin)


After undergoing a cancer operation, my life was turned upside down. In addition to the standard treatment, I decided to engage in something constructive and beneficial, specifically yoga therapy. Marleen immediately took charge and aimed to address the root cause of the disease. Through breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and visualization, I found peace and gained a deeper connection with my body and myself. I learned to let go, to relax, and to prioritize self-care. Exercises that strengthened my immune system and nervous system, body scanning, heart relaxation, conflict resolution meditation, and others helped bring balance to my inner and outer world. There is now a better balance between my work and personal life. I appreciate Marleen's down-to-earth approach and spontaneous demeanor, which comes with a touch of humor. Her approach provides a sense of security, even when small wonders occasionally occur. I highly recommend her! (Lena)

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