My mission is to reconnect you

with your soul, and your inner strength,

through which rest, health, peace and happiness,

become your reality.

Marleen Crabbé
Healing & Spirituality


The world is changing so quickly. A person can hardly follow anymore and so gets out of balance.
When a person stands still and looks at what he really wants, the insights of what really counts come in like this: health, abundance and the wisdom to be able to make the right decisions.

Are you happy? Are you satisfied with your life?
Or is there a lack of inner peace, health, happiness, wisdom?


Do you sometimes experience stress?
Due to stress, we can no longer think clearly, which makes us completely confused.
When the stress persists, we get emotional and mental pains, and when we don't pay attention to that, we end up getting sick, sometimes even chronically ill.


Is there also good new? Yes!
It all starts with you.
Take control of your life, and you can release your body from emotional and/or mental stress, as well as deal with unwanted factors that make your life difficult.


By activating your healing capacity so that you are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually be in balance again. This will result in inner peace, happiness, health, abundance, wisdom and fine relationships.


At Go for Healing you can go for individual sessions and workshops
During the individual sessions we work together on your themes.
You can choose tailor-made sessions or a program that is in line with your theme.

During the workshops I teach you to go inside yourself and develop inner peace.
All workshops are aimed at spiritual growth.




Marleen is top in her profession. Marleen brought insight into the importance of breathing properly. Thanks to her exercises, I managed to clear my head after a hard day's work. 'Go for Healing' is definitely recommended for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and looks for inner peace. (Kristien)


I think Marleen is a wise woman and she has been a counselor, mental / spiritual coach for me lately. I have always been a sensitive person and a thinker by nature and it is very nice that Marleen can be there for you with her whole 'being'. An hour with Marleen was really 'ME-TIME' for me. When I look back at this chaotic period, I now feel much more confident, stronger, emotionally more stable and I have fewer physical complaints such as headaches and back pain. Thank you Marleen for all you have done for me! I am very grateful to you! (Petronella)

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