I help you restore the connection with your soul and inner strength,

allowing you to be happier and experience inner peace, and love.

Marleen CRABBE
Healing & Spirituality


The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, making it difficult for many people to keep up and maintain balance. By taking a step back and reflecting on one's desires, it becomes clear that health, abundance, and wisdom are the most important things.

Do you experience happiness and fulfillment in your life? Or is there a sense of inner unrest, a lack of health, happiness, and wisdom?



Do you sometimes experience stress?

Stress can lead to confusion. When stress becomes chronic, it can cause emotional and mental discomfort and, if left unacknowledged, can eventually lead to physical illness, including chronic conditions.



Is there also good new? Yes!

It all begins with you. By taking control of your life, you can alleviate emotional and mental stress and manage the challenging factors that make your life difficult.




By activating your healing abilities, you can restore balance to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. This leads to inner peace, happiness, good health, abundance, wisdom, and nice relationships.



At Go for Healing you can attend individual sessions and workshops

During the individual sessions, we offer:

  Ancestral Healing


  Healing & Meditation Therapy

where we work together on your themes.


All workshops are focused on your spiritual growth.

No workshops in English ... yet.



My wish and goals are that:

  you gain access to your inner wisdom

  you experience abundance

  you are healthy

  you develop enough self-confidence to follow your own path

  you find inner peace

  you find inner and outer freedom






Marleen is top in her profession. She provided valuable insight into the significance of proper breathing. Thanks to her exercises, I was able to clear my mind after a long day at work. "Go for Healing" is highly recommended for anyone seeking to enhance their quality of life and find inner peace. (Kristien)


I consider Marleen to be a wise woman who has been serving as my mental and spiritual coach lately. As someone who has always been sensitive and having a mind that never stops thinking, it has been a great comfort to have Marleen there for me with her full presence. Spending an hour with Marleen was truly "me-time" for me. Reflecting on this chaotic period, I now feel much more confident, stronger, emotionally stable, and I have fewer physical ailments such as headaches and back pain. Thank you, Marleen, for everything you have done for me. I am deeply grateful to you! (Petronella)

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