The breathing and visualization / meditation techniques are the oldest "tools" available to man to heal himself. In fact, these resources are as old as humanity itself. The breath and spirit were, and still are, used by the shamans to guide their fellow men in a healing process.

When you change your body chemistry through breathwork and healing meditations / visualizations, the changes are profound and your thoughts automatically follow these changes. You will bring about these lasting changes during the healing sessions with Marleen Crabbé (Go for Healing)

As a shaman I guide you one step further with Spirit Medicine. Thanks to these techniques, we involve your soul in your healing process, so that you make bigger steps forward in your evolution.

Below I give a brief explanation of each of these techniques.



What is understood by "Spirit Medicine"

Soul Loss - Soul Retrieval

Past Life Regression

Soul guidance (Psychopump)



Soul Loss - Soul Retrieval

During your life you lose pieces of your soul (Soul Loss). Those soul particles are crucial for your well-being, health and vitality.

This loss of soul parts is caused by an accident, an surgery, the death of a loved person or animal, abuse, incest, rape, etc. But sometimes we voluntarily give away part of our soul (this often happens with children).

When you have lost a large soul part, or several soul parts, you are no longer able to live your life to the full, which can eventually lead to illness such as depression, cancer, fibromyalgia, etc.

It is the function of the shaman to bring this soul part back for you (Soul Retrieval) so that you can integrate that part of yourself back and ensure that it stays with you.


The importance of Soul Loss in our modern society has come to the attention of a few innovative psychologists.


The loss of soul parts is considered the most troubling diagnosis in shamanic terminology, it is seen as a cause of illness and death. Yet it is not referred to at all in Western medical books. Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly clear that what the shaman sees as soul loss manifests itself in despair, immunological damage, cancer and a host of other serious conditions. It seems to follow from losing loved ones, career or other important things.
(Jeanne Achterberg - article: The injured healer)


Soul Loss can today be seen as a psychological phenomenon in the everyday lives of those around us. Losing the soul appears in the form of a sudden onset of apathy and listlessness. The fun of life is gone, someone is lifeless, someone feels empty, everything seems pointless.
(Marie Von Franz - Jungian analyst)


In addition to the symptoms listed above, the following symptoms are indicative of soul loss:

You find it difficult to be "present" in your body.
You sometimes feel that you are outside your body and you observe life and yourself as in a film.

You sometimes feel that you are numb, apathetic or deafened

You feel depressed

You have problems with your immune system and you are often ill

You were chronically ill as a child

You feel that you suppress important trauma

You have an addiction problem, such as alcohol, drugs, food, sex or gambling

You feel an inner emptiness

You have a hard time getting your life back on track after a divorce or the death of a loved one




Extraction is the removal of an energy (intrusion) that should not be in your energy body.

From a shamanic perspective one sees that with physical illness and long-term emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance, there are almost always intrusions.

Feelings of confusion, fatigue, exhaustion, insecurity, or lack of energy to get something done are indicators of a weakened energy body and in many cases intrusions.

Intrusions are described as energetic darts fired by others out of jealousy, anger, resentment, etc.

In our Western culture people are often unaware of it, but it does not alter the fact that energies are fired at each other in situations of stress and emotional charge.

Usually your energy body is resistant to these "attacks", but when you are already weakened by fatigue or because you are going through a very stressful period, these forces can settle in your energy body and further weaken or make you sick.

Intrusions occur with an intense connection with other people. For example, it may be that someone broke off a relationship, but is still deeply connected to that person. In this case, the connection with a former loved one remains active as an intrusion, causing an energy loss and further emotional imbalance.

The shaman can take those intrusions out of your system.



Past Life Regression

By regressing to a previous life, you gain a better understanding of what is going on in your life now.

It gives you clarity so you can create a more peaceful and joyful future.



Soul Guidance (called Psychopump or Death Walker)

The word "Psychopump" comes from the Greek and means "conductor of souls".

Almost everyone wishes to die quietly in their own bed while we sleep, or spend the last days surrounded by loved ones while we quietly slip through the veil.

Unfortunately, that's not the way most people (and animals) die.

While dying, it may happen that the soul leaves part of itself here. That soul part can be left with another person, an animal, a plant, or a place.

This is especially the case in the Western world where many people die alone, or die in situations where they are overcome by fears and distracted by, for example, bright lights, countless sounds and lack of privacy.

Such problems are often exacerbated by the fact that many people undergo heroic and unnecessary life-saving measures just days or hours before their death. Rather than providing assistance, such measures are usually a distraction from the dying process.

Sometimes it happens that the passing soul is lost or disoriented. This can certainly happen when a person dies in a state of fear, confusion, sudden accident, murder or overdose, but also because people are emotionally unprepared to face their own death.

It is the shaman's job to comfort, reassure and guide the passed soul on its journey to the afterlife.



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