This month, the full moon falls on February 24, 2024, in Virgo.

Virgo influences the meridian of the small intestine. This meridian helps you separate the wheat from the chaff both physically and on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

There is a connection with the element of fire: the fire necessary for digestion and the fire of the heart. When you see that fire gleaming in someone's eyes, you can be sure you are facing a strong soul.

The keyword for this lunar phase is simplicity.

Simplify your lifestyle and your diet.

What you no longer need will be eliminated. In other words: let go.

The small intestine as an organ belongs to the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus.



With a weakened solar plexus, you may experience the following emotions:

fear of rejection

all fears related to the appearance

fear of someone discovering your secret

inability to handle criticism



When your solar plexus is in balance, you have:









Symptoms of imbalance in the small intestine meridian:

digestive problems

confusion about what is pure and what is not

ear problems



Questions you can ask yourself:

Do I love myself? If not: why, and what is holding me back from changing?

Do I feel the need to blame someone else to protect myself?

Can I make changes to my lifestyle and stick to them?




In preparation for this full moon, it's best to eat vegetables and fruits that taste bitter such as:

turmeric, basil, pink grapefruit, quinoa, green tea, dark chocolate, arugula.

also, red vegetables such as beets, red cabbage, tomatoes, red peppers, etc., are recommended.

algae, chlorella, and spirulina help your intestines function properly.


During this phase, you might be prone to over-analyzing yourself or being overly critical in life. Don't do it. "Too much" is never good.


One of the best exercises for your small intestine is the Yoga Mudra on the knees:

Interlace your fingers behind your back,

Inhale and lengthen your spine,

Exhale and bend forward with a straight back, from your pelvis,

At the same time, raise your arms (with the interlaced fingers) upwards.

Now breathe calmly in and out in this position.


To come out of the posture:

Inhale, and lift only your head,


On the next inhalation, come back to sitting on your knees with a straight back.



When self-help is not enough:

You need someone to guide you one-on-one because:

you cling to emotions that hinder your well-being

you can't no longer separate the corn from the chaff

you let yourself be guided by "what would others think?"



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