Without breath there is no life

By breathing shallowly, you live half

By breathing fully, you have a fulfilling life


Rebirthing Breathwork is a simple yet powerful technique of breathing.

In this breathing technique, old and residual trauma stored in the body is cleared and replaced by a sense of renewal and rebirth.

Conscious and unconscious negative patterns and beliefs that prevent you from living your personal life are removed, leaving you free to go your own way.

It also gives you insight into the relationship you have with your body, with yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.

By breathing consciously it becomes possible to resolve, integrate and heal unresolved and unknown blockages within yourself.

The goal is to discover and express your true essence.

The impact of this method is tangible and undeniable.

Before and after the rebirthing breath cycle, we take the time to discuss the topics that surface during the session.



The sessions are only by appointment

Location: Honsdonkstraat 11 te Tremelo (Belgium)

Duration of a session is approximately 1h30




I was trained by Peggy Dylan from Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education to guide individual clients and groups.

Peggy Dylan pioneered Rebirthing in the 1970s, and she is recognized as a contemporary practical mystic.

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