April 11, 2024



Gentleness and Power

I radiate gentleness, but this does not mean that I am weak or act lame.

I am progressive. I'm moving forward. I don't dwell on the past.

This is a lesson for many people. Too many people still wear masks for fear that others will discover their secrets and their weaknesses. The irony is that humanity is evolving as a whole. Through that evolution you see beyond the masks. There is no point in keeping up appearances anymore. It is also tiring and above all it is a waste of energy that could be better used for something else.

Gentleness is a strength that is still despised in 3D. What a shame. It is a quality that is widely used and appreciated in 5D.

Develop the gentleness within yourself and radiate this, knowing that when action needs to be taken, you also have the power.


Do not forget:

🦋 gentleness is not the same as weakness

🦋 gentleness is not the same as being/acting bland

🦋 gentleness comes from an honest heart that feels empathy for all living beings



Light warriors

Now, all the light warriors on Earth have awakened in the past 4 years. Together with the youth and children, the light warriors will build the New Earth.

The future will look good, but first a lot has to be demolished. The old structures and those who continue to support them must be removed.

As you know, it is a hard battle that takes place behind the scenes and is brought into the open by some light warriors.



Be alert!

Be alert for the false messages!

🦋  Stay with yourself.

🦋  Stay in your power.

🦋  Look with your heart and know what is right and what is false.

🦋 Don't be distracted by messages that add no value to your life.


Radiate gentleness and integrity.




©Marleen Crabbé


April 8, 2024


Be alert!

One of my teachers told us time over time: "be alert!".

By this he meant that we should be alert to what is happening within us, our thoughts, our feelings, our intuition, and also alert to what is happening around us.

December 25, 2023


Dear Friends,

A few thousand years ago, Jesus came to Earth. His mission was to serve as an example of Love and to show how powerful a person can be when they live, think, and speak from the heart.

Unfortunately, His words were twisted, and His deeds were portrayed as miracles that no human on Earth could replicate.

Instead, His death was venerated!

Now is the time for people to remember His deeds as examples, understanding that they are approaching more and more the purity needed to accomplish those "miracles."

Those who are ready for this will be guided on this path by a team of Angels. Don't worry if you've had to let go of a lot in various areas in recent months: emotionally, loved ones, materially, beliefs. This is part of the process. 🙏

You don't have to ask yourself, "am I ready?". You will know when you are ready because We, the Angel Team 👼, will make it clear to you.

From today onwards, don't let anyone belittle you.
From today onwards, don't belittle yourself.
The time has come to live as true light beings.

Enjoy this day of Light in peace, harmony, and love. 💖


January 28, 2024


Dear Friends,

Many are reading or hearing about the possible dramatic events that could take place this year.

We ask you to keep your thoughts and emotions under control. Some forget that humans are creators. How does one create: through thoughts linked to emotions.

Imagine if many think about the same possible dramatic event with fear. Then it can only become a reality. Exactly what you do not wish for!

December 3, 2023


All around you, you hear people talking about moving towards 5D. Before we delve further into this theme, it's important to understand what is 5D. Are we referring to the 5th dimension or the 5th density?

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