Even if you are broken,

you still can be a piece of art in another form



Why Energy Therapy (Healing) and Meditation Therapy

You try to handle the challenges of life as best as you can.

But sometimes... it's just a bit too much and you need support, comfort, a push to take control of your life again.

Every small or big drama

Every small or big trauma

Every illness, depression, or burnout

Is an opportunity to grow in insight, self-confidence, inner strength, love, compassion, peace, and inner peace.



If there is a disruption in your energy flow, you will experience various complaints

Nearly all health problems, in whatever form they appear and whatever they are called, are caused by a lack of harmony, imbalances, and unresolved issues, from the past or present, in the emotional body.

The goal of the healing is to restore your natural energy flow. This activates your healing power and restores the disturbed balance.




When you experience trauma, it's important to act quickly to prevent the (physical, emotional, and psychological) pains from settling in your body.

The quicker you act, the quicker the trauma can be removed from your body, so that you are only left with the memory but not the pains.



How do we work?


  Meditation & visualization techniques and relaxation

  Working with crystals

  Dream constellations

  Aura-chakra healing

  Soul guidance

  Soul retrieval


are the oldest means that man has available to heal himself. In fact, these means are as old as mankind itself.


The breath and the mind have been and are still used by shamans and healers to guide their fellow humans in their healing process. (refer to Spirit Medicine for more explanation)

When you change the chemistry of your body through breathing work, healing visualization and energy work, the changes are profound and your thoughts automatically follow these changes.

These lasting changes are brought about during the energy therapy sessions at Go for Healing.



I guarantee that

  you will get out of your misery

  you will find more peace in your mind and in your life

  you will develop self-knowledge, self-confidence, and inner strength

  you will gain the courage to make that one decision, or to realize your dream

  you will get back into the flow of your own life




After undergoing a cancer operation, my life was turned upside down. In addition to the standard treatment, I decided to engage in something constructive and beneficial, specifically yoga therapy.
Marleen immediately took charge and aimed to address the root cause of the disease. Through breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and visualization, I found peace and gained a deeper connection with my body and myself. I learned to let go, to relax, and to prioritize self-care.
Exercises that strengthened my immune system and nervous system, body scanning, heart relaxation, conflict resolution meditation, and others helped bring balance to my inner and outer world. There is now a better balance between my work and personal life.
I appreciate Marleen's down-to-earth approach and spontaneous demeanor, which comes with a touch of humor. Her approach provides a sense of security, even when small wonders occasionally occur. I highly recommend her! (Lena)


At some point in our lives, it's necessary to unload our baggage and free ourselves from it in order to become stronger. For me, that moment came after my sudden dismiss. I had so many dreams and restlessness and needed to understand their meaning. I realized that I needed to take action and learn from it.
My goal was clear: to find inner peace, increase self-confidence, become more empowered in life, and better understand and control myself. My expectations were met and exceeded.
I have since become calmer, more in control, gained deeper insights, and feel more confident. I am now able to understand my dreams and gain valuable insights from them. They reveal my true feelings and how I am really doing. It's a very useful tool!
The guidance was relaxed and comfortable. I was able to be myself and received helpful tips on how to handle situations better. I highly recommend the healing sessions to everyone. They bring so much personal growth and improvement. Always trust your instincts, be true to yourself, and stand up for yourself! This experience is the best thing I have ever done for myself.
Thank you, Marleen! You are a wonderful person who brings out the best in others. I wish you much success and hope that you continue to help many more people. (Bella) 



Practical information

Sessions are by appointment only

Location: video call

Clothing: easy, loose clothing

85 euro per session


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