March 16, 2023


64% of Belgians are financially vulnerable

I know I'm treading on sensitive ground by writing about "money." Especially in the spiritual realm. But whether we like it or not, money still plays a role in our society. You wake up every morning to go to work to receive your salary at the end of the month.

According to a recent study 64% of Belgians are financially vulnerable in 2023!

Some people seem to attract money and know how to handle it in a balanced way (12% of the population).
Most people always seem to be short of money.
Others attract money but lose it just as quickly as it comes.
And then there are those who always seem to have to start over.

This is the case with my client.

She never receives the salary that she should actually be earning given her abilities, experience, and age. In addition, her ex-boyfriends have financially drained her, leaving her with nothing each time.

Money, betrayal, job loss, standing up for yourself, and being able to take care of yourself are all themes of the sacral chakra. Sometimes working solely on the chakra level is not enough.


Recurrent money problems are always a symptom
of what is happening beneath the surface



Your Ancestors

During ancestral healing, it was revealed that several traumas related to money were present in a certain bloodline of my client's ancestors. Her ancestors were wealthy, but due to circumstances beyond their control, they lost everything.

When we discussed the possible beliefs that stemmed from her ancestors' traumas after the ancestral healing, the client immediately made the connection with the role money plays in her own life.

The belief that you shouldn't have a lot of money because you'll always lose it was passed down from generation to generation within that bloodline due to her ancestors' traumas.

Now that this belief has been dismantled and her ancestors' pain has been healed, the client can develop a better and more balanced attitude towards money.



Ancestral Healing

During ancestral healing, the pain or trauma that is ready to be healed is brought to light. In this case, the theme was "money" that needed to be healed for this client.

Is money a theme that keeps coming up despite all that you have done to heal it?
Do you want to evolve towards those 12% who have a healthy and balanced relationship with money?


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